Dylan Perego

Waterdown, ON

As a 25 year old continuing my education with a full time job, I've found it extremely difficult to find a routine that helps me attain my goals. After seeking Chris' knowledge and guidance I have not only been able to establish that routine, but see the exact results I had been both looking and hoping for. Chris' knowledge, attention to detail and thoroughness are all things that have pushed me to realize a better version of myself physically. The passion he has for his craft is undeniable and it only motivates me to continue pushing myself and working with him in the future.

Gordon Flanagan

Niagara Falls, On

Well I have just completed 6 sessions with you as my Personal Trainer and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.   You introduced me to so many different ways to train muscle groups and taught me the importance of working the core. I also enjoyed that you took the time to educate me on weight training.  I intend to carry on with Chico after the holidays.

Rosamund Battye

St. Catharines ON

Chris or Chico as we fondly call him has shown to be an engaging, skilful and encouraging young coach/trainer for me and my gym partner in a senior exercise program.  He developed a routine for us that focused on core, balance and strength sets appropriate for our age and lifestyle.  His friendly manner, enthusiasm and roguish sense of humour is tempered with knowledge and attention to detail that makes you want to perform well.  Long after he finished his commitment to us we still have his words of encouragement ringing in our ears.  “Now you can have a nice drink of water” in reference to finishing a set and emphasising the importance of hydration.  After a couple of years, he has returned on his own time to check on our progress and update our program.  This young man deserves to go far.


Achim Kempf, PhD

Waterloo ON

Chris is a superb trainer. His exercise plan was very well thought out and he wrote meticulous notes. He helped me make great progress in fitness while I also learned a lot from him. When I traveled for a few weeks he provided a training plan with exercises I could do while on the road. Very much exceeded any expectations. Chris is excellent, I recommend him most highly. 

Jessica Lewis

St. Catharines ON

Chris Anderi was my personal trainer for 2 years to help me develop strength and power as I trained in Wheelchair Track Racing for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. I found Chris to be very knowledgeable as he explained how each exercise would benefit my training. As well as how my muscles worked. He is very enthusiastic and didn't back down from the challenge of working with someone with a disability. He was able to find creative ways to adapt exercises to my level of functioning. Chris is very encouraging and a real pleasure to work with.

Dan Drakeford

Niagara-On-The-Lake ON

Working with Chico was great because he provided me with encouragement and support, as well as helping me realize my own potential for a healthy life. His work out plan was laid out well, his one-on-one training showed me how to properly and safely perform the exercises, and he pushed me to work my hardest to see real results. Through his help I’ve been able to lose weight and keep it off, while learning to love an active and healthy lifestyle.

Cathy Taylor

St. Catharines ON


My name is Cathy and I would like to talk about Chris. I had the pleasure of working with him for an extended period of time. He was the most professional,dedicated, hard working trainer that I have ever experienced. He dedicated himself to the task at hand and strove for excellent body mechanics.It was a pleasure to work with him.

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