Why Train with Chico?

"Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life" - Hal Elrod

Chris "Chico" Anderi is a certified exercise physiologist with an abundance of training experience. He is highly driven & motivated and his passion for training is evident, as he is always looking for opportunities to share his knowledge of exercise science & nutrition with his clients.


Chico began personal training in 2011, and hasn't stopped since. He has worked 1-on-1 with youth, senior-aged individuals, everyday gym goers, individuals with spinal cord injuries, OUA/NCAA athletes, as well as larger groups including University Varsity sports teams. 

Chico has also volunteered in multiple chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics.

Chico attended Brock University from 2010-2015 where he completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) degree with 1st class standing, all while playing on the baseball team and working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the University gym. 

During his tenure at Brock, Chico really began to focus on studying the human body, taking several courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Neuroscience, and Nutrition. His major area of interest is how training and nutrition can be implemented to improve body composition and performance.


While working at "The Zone," Chico was fortunate to enough to train Bermudan Paralympic track and field athlete, Jessica Lewis, for 2 years. 

"Training Jess was an unbelievable experience. She taught me that despite a physical limitation, everyone has the ability to train. I think I learned as much from her as she did from me."

Chico also volunteered at the Brock-Niagara Center for Health & Well-Being, as a student trainer in both the SeniorFit & Powercord programs. Chico gained valuable exercise prescription experience for both older adults and those with spinal cord injury.  



In his final year at Brock University, Chico was recognized for his academic and athletic accomplishments and was awarded the Inaugural Brock Badgers Legacy award by both the University Dean and Vice-President. Also, he was named to the Capital One Academic All-America 2nd Team (3.9 GPA), a prestigious distinction given to 22 student athletes across Canada and the United States.



Looking to further his knowledge, he then went on to complete a post-graduate certificate in Exercise Science for Health & Performance at Niagara College. While at NC, Chico studied exercise assessment, prescription, and counselling for return to work, athletic, and chronic conditions populations. He completed placement practicums at the NC fitness center, Dr. Joseph Pelino Sports Chiropractor, and The BodyLab Chiropractic and Massage. Upon completion of the program, he successfully challenged the CSEP-CEP practical and written examinations, further adding to his credentials.

Still not satisfied, he took his talents to the University of Waterloo where he obtained his MSc in Kinesiology concentrating in Physiology & Nutrition.  He wrote a comprehensive literature review on the Effects of Resistance Training & HIIT on Functional Performance, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, and Insulin Sensitivity in the Elderly, while also working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the University gym.

Whether your training goals are to lose weight, get stronger, become more athletic and functional, or simply become a healthier version of yourself, Chico's versatility and previous experiences make him an excellent personal trainer. 

"I see personal training as an opportunity for me to make a positive impact in your life. To be that spark that sets you on the course to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Our time together will eventually come to an end, but I hope to leave you with the tools and ability to continue marching on towards your goals, whatever they may be. To me, there's nothing more rewarding then hearing back from an old client that is doing better physically and mentally because they prioritized their health and fitness."